Sunday, January 24, 2010

what the new year brought

so the first month of the new year comes to a close... and if January is indicative of what is to come... well, let's just say, it's not going to be fun.

Few good things came about...the kids sure made a big haul for xmas, between wii games and handmade chessboards and everything in between. The goob turned 7 on the 4th and had his annual sledding party, that went off without a hitch. Except the cheese didn't particularly care for sledding.

I've been working almost non-stop for the past 3 months and there's no sign of slowing down. too much to do, too little time, not enough help. that's the name of the game. the entire office took a pay cut, a few people got laid off and with the pay cut came more work. I don't even want to go into it. at least not on this blog. you can check out my personal blog to hear me B****!

the papa is still at his company, making his way up to the top. Last year he got a promotion... this year—we'll have to see. otherwise, he's liking his job and will be shifting his schedule at the end of feb. earlier than before even! who would have thought he'd be able to deal with a 6am shift.

the goob continues to do well in his 1st-2nd grade combined class. though he's in 1st grade, he's doing work closer to 2nd grade level. My mother was right, HE'S A GIN-OS (yes, that's how she pronounces genius)

current stats (our estimate):
7 years old,
about 4ft tall,
50+ lbs?,
size 7 on pants & shirts,
size 13 on boys shoes (
he prides himself in being just 1 size lower than my shoe size in boys)

talks a lot, sometimes non-stop. very inquisitive as always, though it's nice to see more light bulbs lighting up more often. his favorite line, "ohhhhh, now i get it..." and proceeds to explain it to you even though you're the one that just got done explaining it to him.
oh and let's not forget, eats like a horse and still can't gain any weight to hold his pants up.

next up...
the cheese:
turning 20-months-old this Feb. 8th
about 29" since last check up in Dec.
about 23lbs
finally fitting 18-months-old clothes
has 6 top teeth (2 of them molars)
4 on the bottom (2 molars and two front—2 more currently coming in)

talks and talks and talks... not sure what about but sometimes you can figure it out.
sings abc, loves to be sang to, loves to snuggle, love to sleep in the mama & papa bed.
she's move up to the 18-24 month class.
named "the best/funkiest dressed toddler in the preschool" by her teachers.

last but not least, the bean.
about 14lbs, miniature schnauzer, liver/party color
lazy dog, acts more like a cat
the cheese and her are best buds
she was shaved by the groomer last year (without my permission!!)
so she's currently all shag in order to get her skirt back.

that's it for now. more at a later date, but don't worry, it won't be as long of a gap like the last one.

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  1. Love that you FINALLY did a post!
    So happy to hear all is well (at least with the kids and Aaron, screw Combined) and that you guys are happy and healthy!!
    Love how you write, it's too funny!
    hope to see you guys again soon.